October 6-7, 2011
Norris Conference Centers at CityCentre
Houston, TX

Brad Parler

AV Communication + Tech Sales

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Brad Parler

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Brad Parler

AV Communication + Tech Sales
TapeWorks Texas, Inc.

With over ten years experience in television, radio, and live theater production coupled with a freakish love for the web and social media. Brad both knows and understands what it takes to make live video production work for you or your company.

Prior to making the career change from end user of broadcast technology to being the vendor of that technology for others, Brad was the one man band of IT and Media Production for a local non-profit. At that non-profit small budgets and massive expectations lead to amazing results delivering religious media via the web and six satellite networks covering over half the globe.

These days Brad evangelizes the world of the wonderful deals that he has going on at TapeWorks Texas where he is a sales representative of over 400 leading brands in the broadcast technology space.

Brad is also a father of four (1 boy, 3 girls) and has in times past sported a handlebar mustache as a part of his personal brand which landed him notoriety on occasion. Brad also loves technology, tea and all things Wordpress.

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