October 6-7, 2011
Norris Conference Centers at CityCentre
Houston, TX

April Kyle

Silicon Valley Sales Manager

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April Kyle

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April Kyle

Silicon Valley Sales Manager
Schipul - The Web Marketing Company

April is a degenerate gambler at heart that had the good fortune to turn it into an actual marketable skill. She started working for Schipul in 2009 as an account executive, hired for her poker smarts to take the lead on the Beau Rivage Poker project. She did a good enough job that when the tournament was over, Ed let her stick around. She moved to the newly created Operations Manager position and at the end of 2009 started working on getting the Schipulites up and running with SugarCRM. She attended their user conference, met a dude, fell in love, and a year later moved across the country to be with him. She hated to leave the Schipulites though, so, she didn't. April is now blazing a trail in Silicon Valley, setting up the first Schipul outpost and connecting with a bunch of folks who love technology and doing good just as much as we do.

She misses her family, friends, the Longhorns, the Astros, and queso.

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